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CFD brokers

  Since UK CFD brokers operate independently of a securities exchange,
there are no hard figures on the number of active CFD traders in the UK, nor the volume of transactions. But a survey of the market by any market research.
some put the number of active CFD traders at about
50,000. Contract size is between $20,000 and $80,000. Investors trade few times a week and hold their positions for two to three days.
      Some estimates of the global market, where CFDs have been established much longer, show that CFDs trading accounts for 10 percent or more of turnover on the New your Stock Exchange. 

In the UK, the contemporary industry estimate is that 15  to 25 percent of the daily transactions on the  Securities Exchange are due to CFD trades.

 The UK mulls crackdown on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies amid tax evasion fears.  As a result, many traders turn to CFDs as an investment instrument in cryptocurrencies.