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Yami Marik as a character sounds interesting as he has an ability called “Yugioh Evolution Game”

Check out one example of this Bamboo FTK deck.
Avid 'Yu-Gi-Oh!' players and fans of the anime series can recognize Slifer as the God card that Yugi obtained by defeating Marik's avatar in a duel. The monster appears as a huge red dragon with two mouths and a snake-like body. When summoned, it rises high above the playing field and remains there, as it is too large to occupy a single slot in the yu gi oh duel games player's area.

“Currently we are receiving a lot of feedback on duels against a deck using Woodland Sprite. In order to maintain a game balance and considering the KC Cup in February, we may update the Forbidden/Limited list based on our current PVP duel data. We will keep players updated on how we address this concern in further notifications.” 


yugioh duel evolution



For more yugioh mobile game industry financials, check out our guide to the current quarter.
The Yu-Gi-Oh! strategy site and YouTube channel are only some examples of what Instantfuns’ TCG division has done to keep up with the demands of keeping the game fresh in the digital age. Instantfuns started as a video game company, so Yu-Gi-Oh! has come to all sorts of consoles, including the new mobile game Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Evolution
At the height of Cyber Angels, Instantfuns recognized its prevalence and nerfed the deck twice. Because this is a recent release, it may take awhile before they do the same with Bamboo Sword decks.
Ra isn’t the only powerful card Yami Marik has as you’ll also have the chance of getting a Lava Golem as an Ultra Rare drop from him. The Lava Golem is part of one of the meta decks so that’ll be a good card to pick up if you’re interested.
We have reached out to Instantfuns yugioh game for a statement on whether they have plans for the balance of Duel Evolution and we’ll update as soon as we learn more.
Reddit user Poopdeckseamen uses a Cyber Angel deck with no Sonic Bird, so it’s possible to run this type of deck without it.

Kataoka is excited to see Professor Crowler added to the game and wants the Ancient Gear archetype to change the meta.

Yami Marik as a character sounds interesting as he has an ability called “Yugioh Evolution Game” which deals damage to both players according to the number of cards in their graveyards. Even if you don’t plan on getting Ra, it’s important to get Yami Marik at least.


Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Evolution

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Hopefully that comes before the big Pokemon Mega Fest in Chicago next month

Both are prominent in the film’s promotional material; check Pokemon rpg games out in the latest extended trailer for I Choose You. The jury’s still out on whether they’re as memorable as the lovelorn Brock and stubborn Misty, but we imagine it will be hard to get nostalgic fans to warm up to them.

Twitter fell hard for this monstrous monster; the tweet’s got more than 26,000 retweets and 33,000 likes. Some of the most popular replies compare Lugia to other eerily posable bodies.

The Pikarap is 2017’s song of the summer.

After 52 weeks, Pokemon online is still going strong. It’s nearing a billion downloads worldwide, and Instantfuns hopes to reinvigorate the fanbase with a big outdoor event later this month. Pokemon Mega Fest tickets are sold out, but fans in Chicago may still be able to get in on the action when it kicks off on July 21 in Grant Park.

“We recognize that this has been an ongoing frustration and we are looking into long-term solutions to these login issues,” George added in his post. Hopefully that comes before the big Pokemon Mega Fest in Chicago next month.

Shiny Pikachu may not be quite as exciting as Pokemon Mewtwo, the new Mega Pokemon that Instantfuns also debuted in-game this weekend, but at least we all have a good chance of catching the golden cutie.

Pokemon Mega’s latest big bug is getting patched — with rewards for all.

We expect this feature to get a lot more mileage in the colder months, of course. For now, it’s the perfect weather to go outside and play Pokemon Mega the way it was meant to be played.

How to defeat and catch the legendary Zapdos in Pokemon Mega.

Pokemon Mega’s had a big summer, but the backlash has been just as large. Pokemon players are debating whether or not the game is fair to everyone, following exclusively available Mega Pokemon and the limited nature of the game’s new Raid Battle feature. Now, a top personality in the community — Nick of YouTube’s Trainer Tips channel — has spoken out, opening up the conversation to a larger audience.

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Pokemon Mega remind me of childhood memories, good miss...

Tap on the mega pokemon when it turns into a series of concentric circles and then spin the central one, then enjoy your loot.
Shares of related companies also tumbled. McDonald’s Holdings Co. (Japan), the game’s exclusive launch partner, dropped 11%. Electronic parts maker Hosiden Corp., which Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc. said may produce Pokemon Mega Plus, sank 10%.

Not everyone is convinced. The deal doesn’t mesh with SoftBank’s investment strategy set out by former president Nikesh Arora, said Atul Goyal, an analyst at Jefferies Group. So far, the Japanese company has pursued minority stakes in startups poised to disrupt established industries, such as India’s ride-hailing service Ola and US-based online lender Social Finance Inc.


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In a separate statement, a department spokesperson added: “you can add a beacon to a pokestop to lure more players. Apparently they were using the app to locate [people] standing around in the middle of a parking lot or whatever other location they were in.”
“For 30 years, or maybe longer, the Fed had adopted this Wizard of Oz posture, that we’re so mysterious, we’re so powerful, don’t ask any questions,” Kashkari, who at 42 is the youngest regional Fed bank president, said in a July 7 interview. “At the end of the day, we’re here to work on behalf of Main Street.”
“We’re in the midst of a massive security revolution driven by tiny devices,” Adi Sharabani, chief exuecutive officer and co-founder of Skycure said in a statement. “Mobile is the biggest challenge to enterprise security today and it requires vastly different considerations than desktop, network, or even cloud security.”
As detailed in a post by Frocharocha, as long as you don’t have the New 3DS, you can acquire rare Pokemon with much ease now. That is, if you have one of the newer Pokemon games, like X & Y or Pokemon Mega and Alpha Sapphire.

Hopefully, in the days to come, I will improve my best pokemon game capture rate and maybe win a badge or two. What I will continue missing in the game, though, is a crucial element of the Pokemon franchise. An essential part of the universe that can make or break a good trainer, something that can only enhance the experience of playing the game further and make it more acceptable for people to find out what an APK actually is. Something that every true follower of Pokemon will always remember: Team Rocket. Seriously, where in the world are Jessie, James and Meowth?

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Pokemon Mega UPDATE: InstantFuns drops BIGGEST hint yet for H5 Mobile release

Pokemon online game catch rates work flawlessly from decreasing a wild Pokemon’s HP, to increase catch rate. Inflicting negative status effects, such as paralyzing and sleep on them can also increase catch rates.

InstantFuns is yet to reveal its plans for Halloween, but a recent Pokemon Company statement suggested that new ghost-type Pokemon would be joining the app as part of Halloween.

Pokemon Mega

H5 Mobile Ghost Types include Shuppet, Banette, Mega Banette, Duskull and Dusclops, which is a nice selection for a limited time event.
In the later Generations, a bond between the trainer and the Pokemon, along with a device called “Key Stone” and the required Mega stone for the Pokemon.
A leaked InstantFuns email supposedly confirmed plans to add Pokemon Mega to the game as part of an imminent Legendary Raid.
One Pokemon that definitely won't be joining the game is Pokemon Mega.
"The Halloween season is a special time in Pokemon Mega," the post reads.
So, last year, you decided to create Pokemon Mega, which is completely free, with the Pokemon online game framework. Why? What was the driving force behind this decision?
It’s nice and exciting to see fan-made Pokemon content on a high level, but there is a possibility that Browser will make an effort to shut it down.
Why does everything in this picture suck?
A leaked InstantFuns email supposedly confirmed plans to add Pokemon Mega to the game as part of an imminent Legendary Raid.
A recent Pokemon Company statement suggested that spooky new H5 Mobile Pokemon would join the app at Halloween.
H5 Mobile Types include Shuppet, Banette, Mega Banette, Duskull and Dusclops, which is a nice selection for a limited time Halloween event.

Pokemon Mega developer InstantFuns has dropped its biggest H5 Mobile hint yet.

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InstantFuns Games Announces Upcoming Release of Pokemon Mega on Broswer

Naturally, you won’t have to fight on your own. The Pokemon Mega online RPG features a great number of heroes that can all be recruited. Obviously, you will need help to destroy demons and save the world. Make sure to balance out your team, as you will need all kinds of classes to be successful in every situation imaginable. Only focusing on offense will get you nowhere. Make sure to have a defensive front row that will absorb most inimical attacks.
Games publisher Reality Squared Games (Pokemon Mega) has announced the upcoming release of its newest browser title, Pokemon Mega. Developed by Pokemon Mega, the free-to-play MMORPG will take players to a world of Greek mythology, where they’ll balance the use of their own character’s skills with those of secondary heroes, while also completing a journey to defeat evil.
Players can compete against each other in The Arena fighting one-on-one for prestige and Arena position, where by defeating a player ranked higher than them they will increase their own ranking. Alternatively players can fight with their Guild in the Guild Welfare battles, with up to three guild members facing off against their rivals.

As of this writing, Pokemon Mega is in open alpha testing. Once the testing phase is over, existing account data will be deleted in preparation for the open beta launch.
In my Pokemon Mega review I overtly made it known that players had zero input when it came to battles. Each fight was essentially predetermined before it even happened because players don’t even have the option of picking skills during combat.

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Gods Origin Online launched first server is Available on 4th Sep 2017

Gods Origin Launched first server is a game test period of about 2 weeks. Diamonds will be provided free in the game so the recharge options will not be available in launched first server.

Set in a war-torn solar system, players chose one of more than a dozen heroes from two rival factions, Guardians or Abandon, in order to take on the common threat of the Brokken, an aggressive cyborg race bent on dooming the few remaining humans to the same bleak half-man-half-machine fate.


Gods Origin Online



GOO online Commanders can get to grips with 140+ units, covering archers, spearmen, blade-wielders, siege units, and more. S1 also brings with her an entirely new Barbarian Army Tech Tree to progress through, including fearsome Wardogs to take a bite out of the enemy. With different playstyles for each unit, faction, and commander, players have a wealth of tactical options at their disposal to master nine battlefields such as Hadrian’s Wall and Thermopylae.

Deep within our modern society lies a magical world filled with uncanny beasts, walking nightmares, and silent conspiracies. To uncover the truth, you must transform into a vampire, werewolf, or mage and join their secret cabal. Team up with adventurers from all over the globe to build a unique power base of connections and resources to advance your cabal’s objectives – or be a lone wolf and explore on your own. Can you work your magic to gain access to a world of secrets hiding in plain sight?

Official Site:



Sword online has been a long time coming

Sword online has been a long time coming but you won't have to wait much longer to play it. If you're a console player, we have even better news! The game will launch even earlier than the original planned release date and will come out on September 6th, 2017. Negative, he says Martin Lee." Destiny 2 on PC will be releasing on October 24th, 2017, just over a month after the console version! You can pre-order the PC version on Battle. This is a brand new universe we've created alongside Marvel.

The idea is that no obstacle should be in your way. When asked about how open the game will be after the fairly linear demo, Inithar confirmed it will be open world and explained how Sword online will move throughout the city. New footage debuts at Sword online for the highly-anticipated zombie survival game, 'Days Gone'. The story revolves around an android detective operating in the heart of Detroit. The thing I said about Peter and Spider-Man's world colliding, there's a reason why when he gets to the top he doesn't say Mr."I can say Peter Parker is represented really well in this game.
Hunter x online
You know, the one with the really messed up story behind it? Yeah, that one. PlayStation revealed the team at Supermassive is working on a PlayStation VR game set 60 years before the events of Sword online in The Sanatorium, the mental asylum/hospital-type place you come across in Until Dawn. The servers will then go offline until the following weekend, it'll start back up on Friday, September 1st at 10am PT and will run until Monday, September 4th 10am PT. Supermassive is dedicated to immersing you into the game so if you look down you'll see your hands, feet, and body and you can even verbally communicate with characters by shouting things at them. We'll update this article when we know more. Play it now!


Aliens versus Predator 2000, the Hunter x hunter online

Aliens versus Predator 2000, the Hunter x hunter online, and Rogue Trooper round out the headliner titles this weekend.B. That said, Minecraft: Story Mode isn't exactly considered to be the studio's best work, but if they can manage to get it up to their highest standards, there's no doubt that the payoff for them could be extraordinary. All three games are available to pre-order now on both Steam and Hunter x hunter online.It sounds like Star Wars: Battlefront II will be mixing things up for their official gameplay reveal, drawing on multiple eras to create a 40-player battle as part of its worldwide gameplay premier. Here is the trailer.

Hunter x hunter online: Battlefront II is said to have three times the content of DICE's first outing, which should come as good news to many who felt that the game was lacking. With ELEX launching in between the two games on October 17th, there will be more than enough RPG to go around from THQ Nordic this year.The Assault on Theed is set to go down during EA' E3 2017 livestream at 12:30 PST on Saturday, June 10th.
 Hunter x online
Martin has previously stated on his personal blog, and now HBO's programming president Casey Bloys is stepping in to back that up.If you want to see Hunter x hunter online: Deliverance in action, you can head over here to check out 7 minutes of gameplay from Gamescom 2016.The mural appears to be in the exact same spot as the Horizon Zero Dawn poster from last year, and it suggests that Sony will be focusing heavily on God of War at their press conference.Telltale Games has quickly become famous for turning major IPs into narrative adventure games from their humble beginnings with Jurassic Park and Back to the Future to some of their more recent outings like The Walking Dead and Guardians of the Galaxy. Play it now!


Defeat the Hunter X Hunter Gon to Get Permanent Fashion in Hunter X Online

With English Spring Festival coming soon, Hunter X Online is going release a new event of defeating Hunter X Hunter Gon, with permanent fashion and Ellione cat fashion waiting for you.


During the event period, players can participate in the event through the in-game banner. Every hunter has 3 chances per day. After you finish the event, you can get golden hairs and new year letter. If you collect the required 4 letters, you can get permanent Hunter X Hunter Gon fashion.

x hunter online

Unlike the original hunting, in this event, hunters can not attack the x hunter online Gon directly, but using the special firecracker to drive it away. While attacking it, hunters should also protect the delicious dinner. Once the dinner was eaten by Hunter X Hunter Gon, you will lose the event.


The coming of Hunter X Hunter Gon also inspires the craftsman. They made a brand new golden Lion armor according to Hunter X Hunter Gon. What's more, the hunters' companion cats can also get the cute lion fashion. Of course it not easy to get the golden armor, and you should also collect the required letters.

Check more details on the Unigame official site.

Earlier this month we got our first taste of Hunter X Online via a public beta

Earlier this month we got our first taste of Hunter X Online via a public beta. Jonathan Crane.On top of the traditional Fire Emblem tactical screen, heroes are shown running around in a dungeon without explanation.Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia is a remake of the Japanese-only Fire Emblem Gaiden and will be the first time it's been outside of Japan. Another week brings yet another Injustice 2 trailer, this time we get a look at Scarecrow, also known as Dr.
manga app
It probably goes without saying that A Hunter X Online’s Life is best played with a group of your best friends as Local Multiplayer is the main mode of the package.Some fighters have already been shown off previously, including Spring man, Ribbon Girl, and Ninjara. See the whole presentation here, and the initial reveal trailer below. It was shown during the latest Nintendo Direct. But if you want to go solo, you can play A Gummy’s Life with up to 15 different bots for an added level of chaos.With different arms and different characters, the customizability seems endless. However, it's much more than that, which they go into grander detail about in the latest Nintendo Direct." Tonight's Nintendo Direct was packed with tons of big announcements and reveals; namely Hunter X Online.

Steam’s Early Access program is chalked full of incredibly novel ideas and earlier this week; it got one more in the form of A Hunter X Online’s Life. There’s also a level that lets you play soccer, which is emblematic of all of the little details in the game that let you make up your own rules. Some will be free, while some are purchasable.The Direct explains how different fists can be equipped in ARMS, explaining different elements that can be brought into the ring. He joins the Society in order to sow panic on a global scale. You’ll be able to sign-up and start playing at