Video: Why It Is Important To Renew The Child Care First Aid And CPR Training?

Why It Is Important To Renew The Child Care First Aid And CPR Training?



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by manavpietro
Sep 5 2016 at 02:39
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The licensed childcare providers are required to renew their First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training every 2 years. The infant, child or adult first aid and CPR class should be of 4 hours each. Those who are involved in child care job such as child care workers, school teachers, youth organizations, babysitters and children’s sports coaches, must be proficient and knowledgeable enough to respond to a first aid emergency.
The EMSA approved child care First Aid CPR is basically a classroom based course that includes 4 hours of CPR and 4 hours of first aid training. Even the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross (ARC) course that do not come under EMSA, meets the EMSA standards and regulatory requirements for child care workers in the state of California. If the instructors do not provide 8-hour child care pediatric first aid and CPR training, they can be reported to the AHA government liaison.
Through child care pediatric first aid CPR training, the attendants can learn the skills to respond quickly in an emergency situation such as airway emergencies, breathing and circulation emergencies, respiratory and cardiac arrest, head and spine injuries, environmental emergencies, sudden medical emergency, etc.

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