Video: Love Never Dies - Atom & Bluxz (feat. Dallas & 5Star)

Love Never Dies - Atom & Bluxz (feat. Dallas & 5Star)



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by nelsonledges
Mar 11 2019 at 14:21
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“Love Never Dies” opens on pulsing synths, followed by a potent trap beat and the entry of 5Star’s voice, which is grand, full of snarling tones and a tight flow. When Dallas jumps in, her slightly deeper voice really kicks the song in the ass. The interplay between the two voices is luscious, sensual, and wickedly alluring.
The harmonic stream wavers and undulates on simmering, oozing colors from the synths that throb and glow with iridescent energy. A skiffing guitar infuses the tune with thick, dirty, scratching tones, adding to the song’s sonic pressure.
“How’m I gonna lie / I was fucking with your feelings / Didn’t think I’d feel this / I can’t keep my hands off you / I know you want this / I want this / I’m sorry though / Don’t mind me / Cuz my mind’s in other places.” And then the killer line on the chorus: “We can never say goodbye / Cuz this love never dies.”
“Love Never Dies” totally slaps. The harmonic flow combined with the two femme fatale voices really holds this song down.

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