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  • Dublin is well known for its diversity in food. Plethora of cafes and restaurants is already there in Dublin and new one pops out every weekend in one or other street. City hosts excellent restaurants and cafes catering to all manner of tastes and prices. You can explore specialities of Ireland, and sought your cravings for regional or international food but having a good means of transportation free from strings is important. For this you can have a www.car4hires.com/Ireland/Airport/Dublin-Airport.aspx to travel and explore best of Dublin.
    There is nothing you want to eat and couldn’t find in Dublin. From burger to fish and chips and stuffed burritos you can have everything in Dublin. Here are the restaurants and meals you can’t afford to miss in Dublin.

    BEST BREAKFAST at Balfes
    Situated in Balfe street beneath of Westbury Hotel this Bistro is perfect stop for breakfast. The oat pancakes and tomato and avocado tartine is something this place excels in.
    BEST BRUNCH at Taco Taco
    This place have everything from traditional dishes to newest ones. If you are looking for a delicious brunch you will love this place. Either you want traditional eggs, jerk tacos, avocado on toast or chicken and waffles you can all of these here. Even poutine fries and bacon is available here.

    BEST PIZZA at Ciao Bella Roma
    This Italian spot is a must visit for delicious Italian food and especially their pizza are divine.

    BEST SEAFOOD at The Seafood Bar
    In Dawson street you can find best of the fish-dishes here. The atmosphere here is also stunning and their food is actually very good. Even non-fish lovers can enjoy meal here.

    In both Parliament street and Camden street you can find this perfect spot for late night meal. This place is famous for its best quality shwarma and doner along with delicious chips.

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