jameswilkins: Career in Merchant Navy after Merchant Navy Courses

Career in Merchant Navy after Merchant Navy Courses

Feb 12 2019 at 06:04

The marine engineering is the career for lovers of the sea, and the marine engineers are responsible for everything related to the maintenance and management of civil, commercial, and military vessels.

The maritime engineer after Marine Engineering Courses In India is literally responsible for the construction and repairing of boats.


What is maritime engineering?

It is a career that aims to develop engineers capable of doing everything related to the administration of freight transport and ship management, this type of engineers not only have the ability to perform their activities on ships, but can also perform in ports and public and private companies.

Subjects of maritime engineering

Like any other engineering the subjects and the curriculum include subjects such as calculus and physics. If you do not like mathematics at all and everything that has to do with mechanical processes, it would be better if you consider another career as arts or dance contemporary because here you will find complicated subjects.

  1. Differential calculus

  2. Integral calculus

  3. Dynamic

  4. Mechanics

  5. Fluid mechanics

Eligibility criterion

  • Eligibility to join the Merchant Navy ends in Class 12 with physics, chemistry and mathematics. So if you want to do Merchant Navy Courses After 12th then you must have physics, chemistry and math in 10+2. Must pass these subjects with at least 50 % marks. If you want to join Merchant Navy Courses after 10th then you can join G.P. Rating course. Qualification for the Merchant Navy CoursesĀ  from Marine Institute In India is as below:

  • Applicants must be unmarried Indian citizens (men or women).

  • Admission is through an entrance test followed by a screening test and a written examination. For entrance test you have to fill the Merchant Navy Forms.

  • After passing the test, there is an interview and a medical examination.

  • You must also take a training course at the ship before employment. The course is usually short-term where candidates learn basic travel safety issues.


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