RichardSchwartz: Secrets of Hungarian girls and the keys to their hearts

Secrets of Hungarian girls and the keys to their hearts

Nov 2 2018 at 09:44

Hungarian women are like a magnet for foreign men because they are classy, traditionally feminine, modest, and softly charming. So how to hunt for those brown-eyed beauties with gorgeous chestnut hair?

First of all, be a traditional gentleman too. Of course there are modern women and progress in Hungary, no doubt. But a classical courtship is in their genes and they do expect it. They are not spoiled by feminism or glamorous era – a woman is a woman there and a man is a man. It helps to set the instincts free and enjoy the process like in the old French movie full of intriguing romance!


It’s so easy to be with them and enjoy their sincere company as they accept you as you are and don’t need wearing masks or playing roles. It’s always relieving to just be yourself – of course, the improved version of it. At the same time, you should be prepared to compete with the local men and it’s not simple. Unlike in many other countries, here local men treat their women quite well: with respect and care. In fact, Hungarian women don’t have a big need in dating foreigners. But if you enchant them with your gallant behavior, original and positive character, personal charm, then your chances will grow high.

Also you will be glad to know that Hungarian girls are less materialistic than most of other ethnicities. Like in old good times, they really care about a man’s personality and attitude. They feel happy walking with him, holding hands, sharing the news and thoughts, watching some movie together. If you’re a hopeless romantic or simply a person with classical likes, a Hungarian girl can fly you to the moon and back.

However, if you’re just looking for a short fling, it makes things more complicated for you. You see Hungarian women tend to be loyal to their partners and the couples there stay together for long years. Even the divorce rate is very low in Hungary which sounds unbelievable in today world. But of course we are all humans and even these loyal princesses need a break sometimes. If you’re good in seducing women, smart and charming enough, then you’ll succeed with these ladies anyway, just it requires some more patience. You should respect her though and let her feel it’s her own choice and your sweet duty is to please her in every way possible.


It’s also a good idea to meet a Hungarian girl in some night club as they do love to party. There are big chances they will be in the right mood to have an adventure with you and continue your nice acquaintance elsewhere.

As to the day game, there are some tricks too. Hungarian women are great mothers and they often give birth quite early as for European standards. Sometimes it’s appropriate to ask about a kid’s well-being and present some nice toy. Of course, you should ask cautious questions about his father to get to know how much involved he is in their life and whether he’s jealous. So with Hungarian girls, everything depends on situation.

As they are rather classical, such options remain as meeting them in a café, cinema, shopping mall, in a park. They like to stay in a good shape so jogging together every morning is indeed a brilliant solution. You can talk with each other more and more each morning till your conversation finally leads to something more intimate. Walking dogs in a park together is also a romantic beginning – you just have to borrow the dog from someone first.

The world is evolving and hot Hungarian girls can also be easily met on business meetings, presentations, workshops, in airplanes – catch your chance and talk with them nicely, using all your charm. It’s not very hard to conquer them as they are soft-hearted, imaginative and easily impressed. Just act confidently and be brave and polite in your courtship.

Never take her softness and femininity for a weakness. Hungarian women won’t accept rudeness and the lack of appreciation. They also immediately detect anything false unless you’re a great actor. There are certain words you can always say with all sincerity: the compliments to her appearance. With their pretty faces and perfect figures, they deserve all the admiration. Give it to them and you’ll be rewarded with genuine tenderness and most feminine care

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