cigsbrand: To kick the habit

To kick the habit

Jan 11 2018 at 19:01

With a cigarette in my hand I feel like a man. ACCORDING TO Sigmund Freud, people who smoke are not grown up. Smokers may pooh-pooh this idea , but seldom will they consider the case of chucking the cigarette . However, for those who want to quit, there's help at hand. A lot of people are taking to pacifiers (alternatives to cigarettes) that are now readily available off the shelves to help one cut down on the smoke Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes, if not kick the habit entirely. "It has a monotonous taste so that you don't want to smoke a second one or give long gaps for the next cigarette," says software engineer Abhijeet Sanyal, who is trying out the brand in his efforts to smoke less these days. Available at Rs. 75-80 for a 20's pack, Gudang Garam, although not certified to be nicotine-free, is sold only in certain stores. While MCA student Venkatramna Choudary, - who tried replacing cigarettes with nicotine-coated chewing gums, is happy with the progress, - Gladrags mega model Regi Varghese Cheap Online Cigarettes, however, could not contain his habit with chewing gum. "I guess to quit smoking one needs determination more than any alternative," he says matter-of-factly. Nicotine chewing gums are available for about $ 2.5 a piece in a few custom-notified shops in the city Marlboro Cigarettes Sale. Most of these shops also store nicotine patches, which are effective for smokers who want to quit. Among the other smoking-alternatives available are nicotine nasal sprays, nicotine inhalers and non-nicotine pills. Most homeopathy practitioners claim that there are effective pills for those who need clinical help to quit smoking. "One who is administered these pills will feel like throwing up if he or she smokes during the course. Gradually the habit dies away and medicines are stopped," says senior homeopath Dr. Ramakrishna Naidu of Maa Homeo Hall, Lower Tank Bund. When asked about side effects, the senior practitioner says, "Till now, there have been no instances where patients have complained of side-effects." German Homeopath giant - Schwabe's marketing executive, Rajesh Rao also confirms that the drugs are safe as there have been no reported side effects. Similar cures are also available in Ayurveda, says a senior professor at the Govt. Ayurvedic College, Erragadda. "And the cost of treatment is also fairly affordable Cheap Wholesale Cigarettes," he adds. The IHS has published a book recently on the Costs of Poor Health Habits due to Smoking where it has cautioned that nicotine replacement should be used in conjunction with a behavioural change programme and a strong will power to quit Cheap Smokes Free Shipping. Even Dr. R. Vijai Kumar, director, Pulmonary Medicine, Mediciti Hospital has said in the book that 35 per cent of those who quit smoking every year use a combination of nicotine replacement products and Bupropion HCI, - an anti depressant. But most of all, what is more potent than the cumulative power of all alternatives and medicines is the will. Smokers will certainly agree with that.
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