luckypants: Why Do People Value Bisco in Path of Exile?

Why Do People Value Bisco in Path of Exile?

Jan 8 2018 at 03:19

Why do people value Biscos more than high quant shaper amulets? A shaper amulet can have up to 10% quant, and start around 2- 3 ex, A biscos starts around 15 ex currently (a lot more for 90+ quant). Also biscos only affects white mobs where shaper affects all mobs. Granted there is rarity on biscos but nobody really builds for rarity today.

In my opinion, I feel like people value biscos because if you have the monies to buy PoE currency it you can also just resell it for the same price whereas a shaped amulet might not sell well at all.

Say you find bisco's working great, super you just keep it and make more currency/hour, if you think it's not working just resell it for 15ex and do something else.

It's a no risk item basically, either it raises your currency/hour or you just resell it for the amount you got it or more (it was 12ex a few days ago now it's at 15).

I'm too poor this league to run biscos but i ran with it last league with my wander and i felt like i did have much more raw currency drops, currency that i thought were quite rare like blessed orbs or divine seemed to drop much more than before i equipped the biscos.

I was not using a biscos on my flicker striker because i needed the amulet slot and it felt like i was not dropping quite as much currency while i was farming higher tier maps than with my wander that capped at T12 vault farming.

You also seem to get more card drops in my experience, now i never ran any test this is just pure feeling but people have done tests and usually they're positive, one on the frontpage is negative tho.

A thing about biscos tho is that with the huge price increase you can easily make profit buying the lower rolls for fewer less ex and divining them to sell them for more than it cost you to divine them.

I did that last league when they were about 70-80C and got a few to sold for 150c after only 1 or 2 divines so that was a raw 40-50 c profit/biscos, now with the higher price you can make a raw 2-3 ex per bisco's flipped.


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