luckypants: How Does Everyone Reach Such Insane DPS with An Attack Build in PoE?

How Does Everyone Reach Such Insane DPS with An Attack Build in PoE?

Dec 20 2017 at 02:40

Some action role-playing games are built upon certain systems, they dictate the rules and how to kill something else. Path of Exile is no exception, and it has lots of characteristics with newer ARPGs which have come out recently. It is simplified in some respects and more complicated in others aspects, which is the characteristic of the game.

Now even between the same skill using the same mechanics there could be differences in tooltip dps for something like blade flurry. Because it is an avg hit and not dps, you have to manually factor in the atk speed as well. As the character gets stronger and Path of Exile Items become available(such as valuable POE Exalted orbs), that's because elemental damage comes into supplement physical damage and strengthens the character's offensive capabilities.

All that being said, your character is probably undergeared(at least if your aiming for uber atziri and gaurdians/shaper) Some suggestions I have would be :

1) Dont use melee damage on full life unless your a CI build, even if you can manage to somehow maintain full life all the time, it would only be a little better than other supports.

2) Kinda ties in to the above, VAAL PACT! This is not necessary but makes the game so much easier and autopilot if you have enough damage and leech. The way to play with vaal pact is pretty much drop all defenses, and get enough life to not get 1 shot by most things, then stack as much damage as possible. It lets you build defense by going full offense.

3) Get your uber lab ascendancy points, and use an onslaught flask. As a raider, your "unbuffed" dps is quite low because you rely heavily on frenzy charges and onslaught.

4) Not sure why you still have a mana flask, you have the duelist mana leech so mana shouldn't be a problem anymore. On that note, you don't need the big mana leech node, just grab the hybrid 0.4% to both life and mana leech and drop the other 2, saves you a point and adds to your life leech.

5) Poachers mark is unnecessary if you go vaal pact. could use something that gives dmg like herald of ash or a curse like vulnerability.

6) For your links consider either going poison(then scaling the double dipping appropriately), or phys to lightning and using weapon elemental damage.

7) Consider getting crit. Your already all over the shadow area so you could easily do so(just remove most of the nodes in the duelist area) It's just so much easier to scale damage if you go crit, theres a reason the softcore meta is dominated by crit builds.

8) Better flasks, you should only need 1 life flask at most, I say at most because with vaal pact, you could drop life flasks entirely. That might sound crazy to you right now, but once you get vaal pact with respectable damage, you will probably find that you don't really use your life flask much anymore. Though many people still run 1 life flask anyway so not really a big deal either way, just if your looking for that extra bit of damage, that last life flask can easily go. Lion's roar is your best damage flask, and the knockback can help or hurt, but once you start doing enough damage that you one shot things, you'll only be knocking back their corpses so itll be completely fine. Atziris promise and Taste of hate are also both amazing.

When you understand the nitty gritty of offense in the game, you can move to other details like defense etc. Being able to understand how your character attacks can help you better understand Path of Exile. For more poe news, you can click here.


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