brandcigs: The Story about Marlboro Red Cigarettes

The Story about Marlboro Red Cigarettes

Dec 13 2017 at 02:48

After I graduated as a master, I was full of dreams. At that time, at least my appearance is matched with my age. I do not smoke Marlboro Red Cigarettes and drink. There was a time when I thought I was chosen by fate, because when I was in school, I met her, a beautiful and kind girl. Of course I remember it was Tuesday night. The cold northern winter, the cold wind howling, she and I determine the relationship. At that time, Cigarettes Free Shipping in addition to tobacco and alcohol do not touch, I haven't any bad habits -- I don't even drink. I like her, even, I have just a little bit of love in her. In her, I saw all the world good sight: her graceful figure, let I dreamed; her sweet voice, so clumsy world become soft. She smiles dimple is crisp to my heart. Before, I had a period of up to five years of feelings, but still broke up. Later, I love a married girl. I had a crush on her, love defeated all my reason. At Wednesday, I called his mother, Grandpa asked how is my health. Grandpa was for the rest of the railway, a heavy smoker. Half a year ago diagnosed with advanced lung cancer, when the end of chemotherapy, the body is Tax Free Tobacco also recovering from chemotherapy after the weak. My mother told me over the phone, my body is good, a good appetite. So, I feel at ease to continue to fall in love. The plan to go home is at the end of the term. First love, gee, that kind of feeling that become the world's most happiness feeling, the kind that can abandon all things only to win the feeling that Tobacco Discount Store beautiful smile, really let the graceful. I am completely immersed in a sudden happiness, I even forget, unable to extricate themselves. However, my childhood experience told Cheap Cigarettes For Sale me that I shouldn't be happy too early. Sure enough, on Friday morning, I just talked to her for a while, ready to get up, the mother of the phone came. She told me that my grandfather left, at #Trewzcvvbn five a.m. I am really sad to smoke a Marlboro red cigarette. I later lied to my mother, said, respiratory failure to suppress death, that is a good way to die, go very fast, not uncomfortable. I regret not to go home to visit Grandpa, did not see him for the last time, I regret. Then, I leave home for the funeral. Ordering Tobacco Online I and she hurried to go home and smoke a Marlboro red cigarette, they set foot on the bus. I just got home, seeing that devastated -- my house demolition. I don't have a home. Simply, the government gave a move back to the room, but need to draw to decide who will stay. I saw my mother. Seeing my mother's first glance, I suddenly lost my father's fracture.


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