march: Venezuelan citizens brought to despair: forced to grind gold in old MMOs to survive

Venezuelan citizens brought to despair: forced to grind gold in old MMOs to survive

Dec 7 2017 at 19:52

Venezuela is going through an economic crisis with no shops, which is literally taking the population to the knees. One of the ways that many citizens have found in order to scrape some money is to farm gold in old MMOs. You got it right: there are lots of people who spend hours and hours inancient games such as Tibia and RuneScape to acquire virtual gold and silver coins of every kind to become sold to other players for real money or even crypto-currency like bitcoins.

The activity of producing is becoming so popular, that has caused the inflation of these virtual worlds to grow dramatically. There are lots of testimonies of the phenomenon, such as that of the actual twenty-nine year old Efrain Peña, whohe spends seven days a week within an internet cafe in order to farm to give food to his wife and children.

Most Venezuelan farmers are able to raise at most the equivalent of a few dollars per hour, which are still better than normal wages, also as they are indexed to the dollar exchange rate on the domestic black marketplace. According to some testimonies, there are currently no more profitable jobs in the united states. In particular, there are many others that are much more difficult and less fruitful (almost all those managed by the government).

The old MMOs are selected because the average equipment configurations circulating in the united states are just as outdated and do not allow them to OSRS Gold for Sale try their hand with more recent titles. However , Tibia, which dates back to 1997, nevertheless has more than 500, 000 players, whilst RuneScape, in 1999, still exceeds 1 . 6 million players a month.

Of course , another players are irritated by all these farmer, to the point that they are being born of real guides on how to get rid of out and eliminate Venezuelans (virtually speaking). Another problem is the fact that already mentioned of the powerful inflation: the risk is the fact that soon this action will not allow enough money to survive, given the ever lower value associated with virtual currency.


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