abbyw677: New Air Jordan 11 Low “Emerald” White/Emerald Rise-Black

New Air Jordan 11 Low “Emerald” White/Emerald Rise-Black

Dec 7 2017 at 03:41

A sense of dress design built on the classic position of the New Jordans 2017, while the first year Air Jordan XI Low is the strength to prove that no patent leather sneakers can shine. The innovative Low version combines outstanding lightness and breathability to create a comfortable and stylish look for you in clear summer. Today, the shoes are simple and neat appearance with novel obsidian color stunning stunning return. AIR JORDAN 11 first appeared on the pitch for the second half of the 1994-1995 NBA season when MJ came back and broke into the playoffs when MJ replaced himself with the Magic in the Eastern Conference semifinals against O'Neal and Hardaway The 11th generation signature shoes - white and black color Air Jordan 11 (Jordan was wearing when no one knows this is Air Jordan 11), but because MJ Dan's back number is still "45", so the Air Jordan 11 Heel on the heel is embroidered with white lines on the 45th.
Speaking of your favorite pair of 2017 Air Jordan Shoes, many people have their answer. But I believe one of the most mentioned names among these answers is Air Jordan 11. Indeed, 11 is not only Jordan as the first return of 72 wins season and the second three consecutive start a pair of shoes, he is more as a watershed watershed, it was said before 11 is a situation, and 11 is almost perfect Design changed the situation, creating a new world of basketball shoes. Some people say that Air Jordan 11 shoes in the high position of culture and MJ himself in the same basketball. This pair of shoes also along with the MJ to become a classic basketball world.
Kyrie 3 For Sale limited edition of 30 pairs. nike Jordan basketball shoes A custom shoes with Chinese New Year festive atmosphere debut, The Remade brings the latest work to the hot shoe model Air Jordan 11 blueprint, from 2009, we are accustomed to greet at the end of each year The arrival of Air Jordan 11, 2015 Air Jordan 11 is also on schedule, this time Air Jordan 11 is not engraved classic first year color, but introduced a new color, the color of the official name is 72- 10. The shoes not only record Michael Jordan and his Chicago Bulls stand in the Grand Prix of the Finals in the 1995-96 season, also witnessed the Chicago Bulls regular season 72 wins and 10 this epic record.
Although it is a new color Air Jordans 2018. However, the design of this pair of Air Jordan 11 is still based on the Chicago Bulls. The most popular Air Jordan 11 "Space Jam" is about to usher in the 2016 new sale by the end of this year. Not only does the classic Space Jam color scheme come in, it's refreshing with new elements, a larger area of ​​patent leather, and a digital 45 followed by embroidery. Classic has become a legend. Air Jordan XI debuted in 1996, is considered the best ever Air Jordan design. The first year of the color scheme using pure white patent leather and glossy leather, tongue marks, trapeze signs and translucent soles are legendary Blue Pentium interpretation. Craftsman let it bloom graceful style. Legendary superstar Mike made it famous. And you make it a classic.


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