cathylee123: FIFA 18 Team with the Week 4 | TOTW features Lewandowski at the top

FIFA 18 Team with the Week 4 | TOTW features Lewandowski at the top

Dec 6 2017 at 20:31

FIFA 18's out now, and so the FUT Team Fifa 18 Comfort Trade coins of your Week (TOTW) is now a regular feature. If you would like stay on top of the online game, these are the players you can wanting to draw within the next week on PS4, PC, Xbox One particular, or the FUT net app.

The highest scored player here is definitely Robert Lewandowski, who is managed to rack up 80 overall rating in this week. If you're buying star Polish participant for your team's biochemistry and biology, you better hope he or she drops this week.

Furthermore doing incredibly properly this week is Bill Whiteman, Júnior Negão, and Roy O';Donovan, who have all noticed 10 added to their particular overall ratings, adding them up with sites such as some of the best players inside FIFA Ultimate Crew. In case you need some tips on how to get the most out of your team, acquire some coins, or perhaps generally see oneself winning more online games, our FIFA 18 FUT guide addresses everything in FUT, from the basics into a collection of the highest positioned players you can find amongst people.

The exact stats for every single player can be found with Twitter, in case you would like to really get specific on how each of the participants in cheap fut 18 coins  this TOTW are usually doing, and just where their strengths and weaknesses lay. These cards go live at 6: 00pm BST, and will be designed for exactly one week, at which a new TOTW will probably be selected for 6th: 00pm BST for 18 October.


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