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Los Angeles Dodgers jerseys magic

Dec 6 2017 at 20:05
“I’ve really been in awe of Bryce having a flair for the dramatic,’’ Doolittle says. “Even though there’s these expectations for him, and this inherent pressure for him to live up to these monumental things that that people expect him to do, he constantly lives up to them.
“And he’s handled it with a lot of class.’’
When the game ended, and everyone retreated to the Nationals clubhouse, there was Harper standing in the corridor, huddled with his wife and family, holding his sister’s baby, posing for family pictures.
He finally needed to go back into the Nats’ clubhouse, get dressed, and head to a press conference, but not before hugging his dad one last time, and telling him, “I love you.’’
The Nationals have never won a postseason series, but instead of a burden, they feel momentum. The mojo. And yes, even the superstitions.
While everyone was admiring the heroic feats of Harper and Zimmerman, it was the gang in the clubhouse, those who refused to shift seats, who believe Houston Astros Jerseys they were responsible for that good karma.
When the inning started, injured pitcher Joe Ross came into the clubhouse to grab a cup of coffee. Pinch-hitter Adam Lind, who had played 1,344 games before reaching the postseason, started it off with a leadoff single. They told Ross to sit down, and refused to let him retreat back to the dugout. So there they were, Gonzalez, relievers Matt Albers and Sammy Solis, all sitting alongside one another for good luck.
“You didn’t want to move,’’ Gonzalez said. “You didn’t want to say Chicago Cubs Jerseys anything. You didn’t want to change what you were doing.’’
Said Albers: “It was fun, man. I felt like a little kid watching the game. And as soon as Bryce hit that, we were going crazy in here."
When it was all over, the boisterous crowd erupted a final time, and the clubhouse filled with euphoria, they promised to have the same ritual in Chicago.
It’s LosAngelesDodgersjerseys sure to work, they boldly predict, as long as a certain right fielder with New York Yankees jerseys long brown hair and a thick beard, keeps working his own Los Angeles Dodgers jerseys magic.
“D.C. is great, isn’t it?” Ron Harper says. “They’re starting to become baseball fans. They’ve been football fans and Caps’ fans forever. They’re starting to catch on that we’re pretty good.’’
And embracing a right fielder whose thunderbolt in the sky woke up an entire team, and made this a playoff series, perhaps one this city will never forget.
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