graciemild: Durian Sticky Rice from thailand's

Durian Sticky Rice from thailand's

Dec 6 2017 at 10:26

Durian Sticky Rice the material is almost the same only the main fruit is replaced with durian. Can not imagine the delicious blend of sticky rice that is sweet and savory sweet with milk milk sauce? Increasingly perfect with the presence of soft and super yummy Thai durian.   immediately rush to make yourself   at home let satisfied meal. Check out the following tutorial video before you go to buy the ingredients  

  Thai Mango, a present drink of jumbo portions containing mango smoothies and complementary ingredients

Mango Thailand is seductive yes, very delicious made any dessert!

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Last but not least, this time the dessert is still mango but the processed is different because the mango processed so the drink is now super hits everywhere. Yup, Mango Thai! This mango again really present, if you want to buy the queue is supposed to   really. If you want but in your city has not available this drink outlet or maybe you mager at home,    make this phenomenal drink itself! The material is simple, which must have smoothies mango, ice, whipped cream, sugar water, milk and fresh mango chunks. Make sure the mango you choose tastes sweet and bright colors yes, let me taste and look not much different from Mango Thai in malls

The tutorial can directly click the video below. Good luck yes, guys!

How easy is not it? Hurry to buy the ingredients and practice at home, yes! Sure  , not less tasty same home-made outlets or cafes that again hits now


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