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New York Yankees jerseys once

Dec 5 2017 at 21:52
Schwarber returned July 6, and never looked back. He hit 18 homers in 65 games and his .922 OPS after July 26 was second on the Cubs only to Kris Bryant.
Now, it’s October, his time of year, where his five postseason homers already are tied for the most by any player in Cubs history.
“This is the fun Los Angeles Dodgers jerseys time of Chicago Cubs Jerseys year,’’ Schwarber said. “I don’t think you’re going to see any kind of worry at all out of your team.
“You’re not going to see us panic.
“People talk about pressure, but when you’re in the postseason, that’s not pressure, that’s fun.’’
Schwarber backed up his words by wearing a stocking cap and flip-flops Sunday, grabbing an omelet on the field, standing in the batter’s cage against 9-year-old Colton Hyde, the son of Cubs first base Houston Astros Jerseys coach Brandon Hyde, and chasing him around the field after being plunked with a pitch.
“Yeah, I’m getting ready,’’ Schwarber said, laughing, “just so I can charge the mound and get suspended a couple of days in the playoffs. Makes sense, right?’’
Yep, just as much as it does for Schwarber to feel any pressure.
“I went through some tough times this year, but I never lost my love for this game," he says. "Not New York Yankees jerseys once. I know I’ll be better off having gone through this.
“It’s got to pay off.’’
Maybe, right about now.
After all, it’s October, Schwarber’s time of year.
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