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Dec 5 2017 at 21:25

At the beginning Smoking Cigarettes of the Second World War in the Pacific War, the Japanese always used various methods to decipher the secret code, the troops on the battlefield suffered. In order to change this situation, in 1942 29 Indian Navajo was drafted into the army, because their language is not strange to understand, Tobacco Cigarette so they will they trained special cipher clerk, called "windtalker". As the secret weapon of the United States Navy, #jeepokmk01 each "windtalker" are entrusted with the U.S. top secret, so they also received special care of each Navajo cryptographer by a Navy soldier close protection, on the one hand to ensure their personal safety, on the other hand, if the cryptographer is captured by the Japanese. Protector must kill him to ensure that the password is not compromised. Marines Jo Anders (Nicholas Cage) is a cryptographer protector, he was ordered to protect a man named Ben Diaz (Adam Beech ornaments) Navajo soldier. In the brutal battle of Saipan, the fate of captured in the eyes, in his life the reins Joe into moral Cigarette Manufacturer and military missions dilemma: whether he can, should have their own, kill the pinch, to perform the duty of a soldier, the U.S. military secrets protection.


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