fifacoinslol: The star of FIFA 18 cover

The star of FIFA 18 cover

Dec 5 2017 at 20:02

The new momentum system of FIFA 18. The new "momentum" system that manages these devices is very difficult to master and has been eliminated by FIFA players. Therefore, we expect this to return to a more "traditional" shooting strength and crimp mechanism. Nevertheless, the system can control the location and power of filming. Goalkeeper AI is often found wanting in the field, so expect EA to solve the problem. 

Who will be the cover star of FIFA 18? Rumor has it that Paul poba is about to give FIFA 18 cover - but EA has not confirmed anything yet FIFA 18 Coins. PES 2017 developer Konami owns the rights of Messi (and all the rights of his Barcelona team-mates and Nou Camp) to regulate him. According to Andrew Wilson, chief executive of EA (Andrew Wilson), the "journey" in the second quarter will be featuring new characters and plot, and the "story mode this year to create the basis of" as the foundation. 



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