xingwang: As a veteran safety guard

As a veteran safety guard

Dec 5 2017 at 19:04

As a veteran safety guard, this season sometimes guest guest team defensive linebacker Reid told reporters: "For me, the most disappointing to me is that one player was injured, but we do not understand What this means for a rugby player does not understand what kind of pain his body is experiencing at the moment, and he is just lying on the court without getting up and people are starting to cheer. "

As the first rookie of the 49ers this season, Foster also responded to Reid's comment. Foster said he was also happy about the appearance of Garopoulos, but until then he has confirmed that Beside's body is not OK.

Foster told reporters: "When the fans began to cheer, I was disappointed with them and our fans should have a better performance when the team's starting quarterback was injured and fell to the ground. I know he (Besard) has led the team to complete many key offensive and assume many of the risks that were not needed as a quarterback. "


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