fifapointlol: Rocket League ushered in the latest updates

Rocket League ushered in the latest updates

Dec 5 2017 at 02:06

Recently, Rocket League ushered in the latest updates. After updating, the PS4 Pro host received support for 4K rendering. But foreign media exposure, the PS4 Pro patch is not perfect. PS4 Pro patch image problem still exists, before the jagged still exist. Foreign media released a number of pairs of patches before and after the contrast image, indicating the patch before and after the jagged state. 

When some games that support PS4 Pro run on a 1080P TV, they get a super sampling effect. But in the Rocket League Rocket League Items, for the 4K rendering folding, and did not take any means, making the jagged. Hope in the future Rocket League pudding will be added to the super sampling function, making the picture quality can be improved. Rocket League has now landed PC, PS4 and Xbox One platform.


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