flystly: FIFA 18 Pot of Gold SBC

FIFA 18 Pot of Gold SBC

Nov 16 2017 at 21:25

FIFA 18 Version 1.08 Patch Notes PS4 New fifa ultimate team coins Title Update 7 is live on PC now, requires 23.1GB of available space, and the FIFA 18 version 1.08 Patch Notes will coming days later on PS4 and XB1. The new FIFA 18 Update fixes a lot of issues with FUT Champions! Really impressed with that. GG EA no attribute cards, no more DKT (Daily Knockout Tournament) people who repeatedly win it, no penalty arrow, 5 bar latency in every game mode, and like the games remaining leaderboard as well.What do you think to the new FIFA 18 Title Update 7? The three really big changes are the limit on attribute items in FUT Champions games, player type squad restrictions on FUT Champions squads, and removing the penalty kick indicator entirely.

It's currently unknown if the limit on attribute cards is a complete ban, or if players are now restricted to only a certain number of them. This is an attempt by EA to standardize the competitive FIFA scene, as these attribute cards are not usable at Regionals or other EA competitions. As of now, we're not completely certain what this means — is this the end of bronze-benching? Or something else entirely? Some people are speculating it could be used to put a cap on the number of special cards and legends, whilst others suspect it may force you to use a full gold starting XI and Subs. We’ll know for sure when FUT Champions roles around this


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