jammerza: drone jammer also jamming gps gsm cell phone signal

drone jammer also jamming gps gsm cell phone signal

Oct 12 2017 at 05:50

Wireless alarm has the advantages of small area, easy installation and use. Its special accessories and the connection between the alarm center through a system of medium type GSM radio waves to operate. Today, offenders use jammers, called jammers, to neutralize this type of alarm.

What is interference

"Jammer" is a GSM wave and radio jammer specially used by professional thieves. Interference principle including the launch of the signal superposition equipment to such as the center of the telephone operator communication antenna signal, also includes the central alarm and transmission between the parts of the system. However, GSM jammer cannot block the use of between 433 and 868 MHZ radio frequency band signal alarm center. Therefore, there are models of radio "jammers" that inhibit these frequencies. The sale and purchase of "interference" is highly regulated in France. In principle only cinemas and prisons are allowed to use it. However, jammers can be easily traded on the Internet.

How does the jammer neutralize the wireless alarm?

The interference source blocks the transmission of GSM or radio waves. GSM jammers prevent send alerts to cell phones, and radio interference device can prevent the detector for communication between control panel and alarm system. Disruption is actually some of the flaws in wireless alerts. In fact, this communication can only be communicated with a radio frequency band with a detector and a GSM band with a central operator. Therefore, if these links are cut off, the alarm will not jump. To do this, burglars use the "interference" of both GSM and radio waves.

How to prevent interference?

When purchasing the alarm, it is important to know that some models have functions to prevent wave interference, including interference detectors. If the GSM signal drops, the detectors trigger the alarm. When using portable cell phone jammer to disable the control panel, the alarm will explain the communication does not exist, and its components to stop and an alarm via text message or phone. You can also choose to send two different frequency double frequency alerts simultaneously. In addition, the market also provides the interference model of the detectors. They have advantages that are independent of the alarm system. But, must pay attention to really neutralize a alarm system, alarm must make alarm system at the same time all the radio channel is invalid. In order to really prevent invasion, you should not communicate with others, installed in the house type of alarm clock.

This week marks the launch of the latest DroneShield product, the DroneGun portable rifle jammer, which works independently or in conjunction with DroneShield's drone detection technology to locate and eliminate potential airborne threats.

Drone sales are expected to grow exponentially in the near future, and the number and severity of the daily drone incidents continues to increase, with DroneShield launching DroneGun to deal with the malicious use of consumers and commercial drones, which would require effective countermeasures against drone intrusions. DroneShield aims to help public and private sector customers take active measures in the context of the law to guard against airborne security, security and privacy threats.

How do drone jammers work?

The jammer is designed to destroy the drone by exploding electromagnetic noise in the drone radio frequency, the drone operation and transmission of video, and the power level is sufficient to overwhelm any effective communication between the uav and the pilot. Usually, this is 2.4 Ghz or 5.8 Ghz (" RF - jamming ";-), which is "unallocated" public frequency, which means that the drone interference does not interfere with manned aircraft, mobile phone, public broadcasting or other specialized radio spectrum. In addition to RF interference, if the customer is legal (depending on jurisdiction, which may include military, law enforcement, first responders and private users), it can also use GPS jammer because a large number of drones rely on GPS to balance the wind, or between predetermined routes.


When a drone is hit by a jamming signal, the drone usually returns to the origin (unless the GPS is also stuck), allowing the user to track the drone to the pilot. Sometimes, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) may occur even vertical drop, and is in good condition in site, this provides a forensic investigation of choice. Landing on site is also the general response of drones, when rf and GPS are stuck simultaneously.

Jammers can be effective against drones a few kilometers away. In general, compared with unmanned pilots, the operation of the jammer and unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs) and the distance between the drone jammer. The farther the drone on the plane, the better the interference. The typical effective distraction is a cone of about 15 to 30 degrees, protruding from the gun (which is also affected by the power of RF band and interference).




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