nonombre: InstantFuns Games Announces Upcoming Release of Pokemon Mega on Broswer

InstantFuns Games Announces Upcoming Release of Pokemon Mega on Broswer

Sep 25 2017 at 02:00

Naturally, you won’t have to fight on your own. The Pokemon Mega online RPG features a great number of heroes that can all be recruited. Obviously, you will need help to destroy demons and save the world. Make sure to balance out your team, as you will need all kinds of classes to be successful in every situation imaginable. Only focusing on offense will get you nowhere. Make sure to have a defensive front row that will absorb most inimical attacks.
Games publisher Reality Squared Games (Pokemon Mega) has announced the upcoming release of its newest browser title, Pokemon Mega. Developed by Pokemon Mega, the free-to-play MMORPG will take players to a world of Greek mythology, where they’ll balance the use of their own character’s skills with those of secondary heroes, while also completing a journey to defeat evil.
Players can compete against each other in The Arena fighting one-on-one for prestige and Arena position, where by defeating a player ranked higher than them they will increase their own ranking. Alternatively players can fight with their Guild in the Guild Welfare battles, with up to three guild members facing off against their rivals.

As of this writing, Pokemon Mega is in open alpha testing. Once the testing phase is over, existing account data will be deleted in preparation for the open beta launch.
In my Pokemon Mega review I overtly made it known that players had zero input when it came to battles. Each fight was essentially predetermined before it even happened because players don’t even have the option of picking skills during combat.

Click on the link to play Pokemon Mega with your phone, NO NEED TO DOWNLOAD!

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