shoingfaai: Three defeats and defeats a ball did not enter the Crystal Palace high-level talks Debord

Three defeats and defeats a ball did not enter the Crystal Palace high-level talks Debord

Aug 27 2017 at 22:00

In the new season before the Premier League three rounds of the game, the Crystal Palace suffered a losing streak and a ball did not enter(click LOLGA; more noteworthy is that, in addition to the second round away 0-1 loss to Liverpool is still weak strength of the opponent, Round, the first three rounds of the Crystal Palace are at the home defeat, the opponent is also the newly promoted Huddersfield, and last season's dangerous relegation level Swan West City this level of low travel. To be sure, if the club in the Selhurst Park with such opponents can not win the words, then the Crystal Palace from the demotion is not too far away.

";Daily Mail" analysis pointed out that "Crystal Palace is likely to be on this week will talk about Debao, the club executives for the new season in the start of the season is very dissatisfied with the performance of the team is also very In fact, before the home against Saturday, Sword West, De Boer should bear a huge pressure on the shoulder. "But in the press conference before the game, the Dutch coach said he was not worried They will be fired.

However, after losing at the door to Swansea City, Deborah publicly criticized Crystal Palace for "lack of fighting spirit," he said at a news conference: "We have to start from the start of the game, It is a very heavy lesson for us, and if you can not show your passion and courage, you will certainly be punished. For a two-week period, you will be able to show your strength. After the end of the international tournament cycle, I would like to see a new crystal palace.

Although it seems now De Boer's handsome temporarily worry-free, but the Crystal Palace dressing room has been some signs of disharmony, and the club executives have also been fully aware of this. De Boer's coaching career starting point is high, he had led the Ajax even won the 4th All-League championship trophy(visit LOLGA.INC; but in Serie A giants Inter Milan, the Dutch had only 85 days was fired.

According to the Daily Mail reporter Simon - Jones, "in the Crystal Palace, originally Der Boer hope at least able to do more than coaching Inter Milan, but now it seems that he has a certain possibility can not do so. Last season, Crystal Palace Kankan relegation, this season the team's goal is to continue to stay in the Premiership paradise. "Jones's meaning is very obvious, if you continue to lose so far, I am afraid Deer Seoul in the Selhurst Park Stadium" survival "Time will not be longer than he is at Inter Milan.




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