shoingfaai: The library bird has broken up with Klopp, and let me go to Barcelona

The library bird has broken up with Klopp, and let me go to Barcelona

Aug 26 2017 at 00:53

Barcelona this summer want to hunt Kutiniao, Kutiniao also hope to join Barcelona, ​​but Liverpool firmly let people, Kudiniao and Liverpool has become more and more stiff. According to the British media "The Sun" quoted "Yahoo Sports" news that Kutiniao prepared and Liverpool torn skinned, consider a public statement to explain his various rage and dissatisfaction with Liverpool, in order to force Liverpool to promise him to join Barcelona.

Liverpool has rejected Barcelona's three quotes for Kutiniao, the recent fourth offer reached 136 million pounds, is likely to have been rejected by Liverpool, bent on joining Barcelona's Kutiniao is very impressed by the current situation Satisfied, "Yahoo Sports," said Kutiniao ready to open his own thoughts(click LOLGA, explaining that he was very angry about Liverpool and Klopp's practice.

"Cuban sports," the source said, "Kutiniao want to say that Liverpool has made his life a mess, he wanted to leave the team, Kutiniao has become very patient, but to Finally, the player himself chose to leave, which he was very clear.

Klopp did not want Kutiniao to leave the team, "Yahoo Sports," said Klopp hopes to Kutiniao this event as an example, to Liverpool's other players to warn, as long as Liverpool do not want to sell The player will not sell anyway. It now appears that the relationship between Kudiniao and Klopp may have reached the point where it can not be repaired.

As Chelsea want to spend 35 million pounds before the transfer market to close the acquisition of Arsenal flying wing Chamberlain, in this case, Wenger's team is obviously some panic. According to the ";Daily Telegraph" the latest news, Arsenal to Chamberlain out of a weekly 18 million pounds of large contracts hoping to renew, this salary is Chamberlain at this stage 2 times.

For Chamberlain's renewal issue, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is full of confidence: "I hope he can stay and become the club's future sign player. He is one of the team players around the team, I want him to continue in We have devoted a lot of time, confidence and money to Chamberlain, and we bought him when he was very young.

"From my personal point of view(come to, Chamberlain players have the responsibility for the club, because he will be the next few years after England's top players, I personally have confidence in leaving him." Despite the mouth That said, but after asked if Chelsea is a formal offer, Wenger has refused to give any comments.


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