shoingfaai: Paris signed with the details of the contract

Paris signed with the details of the contract

Jul 23 2017 at 21:48

Nemal currently has an annual salary of 16 million euros in Barcelona, ​​while in Paris Saint-Germain, the Brazilian striker's annual income will be as high as 48 million euros, three times the current income. Nei Maer's settlement fee of up to 222 million euros, plus taxes, including Paris Saint-Germain will pay 330 million euros. "Global Sports" revealed that Paris Saint-Germain for Nemal out of a five-year contract(visit LOLGA.INC), annual salary and bonuses will reach 40 million euros.

Although Nei Maer can join or unknown, but the Paris marshal have been welcome to welcome the Brazilian striker. Paris Saint-Germain coach Emery said, "If he can join, the club and fans will be very happy. Paris Saint Germain must have the top 5,6,7 players in the world, and we already have a lot of strong players. It is not easy, he may come, or may not come.Palic Saint Germain wants to get the best players in the world, and they are willing to play the best team in the world. Sanchez and Mbapan belong to the world's top players "I hope the French players will play for the French team."

Paris Saint-Germain captain Tiago - Silva in an interview with "Parisian" interview also expressed a similar attitude, "I do not know whether Neum will join Paris, I have seen a lot of similar reports, like Nemal This kind of player will be interested in the plan of Paris, if he can join, then the team is certainly good.He will join? I do not know.

"Reims newspaper" revealed that Nei Maer has told the effectiveness of the Brazilian Saint Germain Brazilian players, their next season will play with them. The newspaper revealed that the Paris players are not through the media or brokers that the news, but the Brazilian players inside the transmission of such a message. Paris Saint-Germain at the last minute from Manchester City in the hands of Alves, one of the purposes is to create a comfortable and safe environment for Nemal, in order to attract the Brazilian striker to join. In the Barcelona and Brazil national team, Alves and Nei Maer has maintained a close relationship.




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