shoingfaai: Rummenigge: The deal quickly reached

Rummenigge: The deal quickly reached

Jul 12 2017 at 03:23

Bayern star Douglas - Costa in this summer and often leave the team together, and Serie A Juventus and Costa also go very close. According to the Italian media, "Italian football," the news, recently Bayern CEO Rummenigge in an interview confirmed that Costa Joey Juventus to join the deal is about to reach, Costa joined for Juventus will be a huge reinforcement.

Juventus is currently the main hit 4231 formation, but in the left and right sides of the wing, Juventus lack of breakthrough ability strong attack player, although the Quartra is one of them(visit LOLGA.INC), but in the long season only rely on a family Not reliable. So the introduction of a winger became Juve's goal this summer. And Bayern's winger Douglas - Costa is one of them.

Douglas - Costa Bayern after joining Bayern played well in the sidewalk breakthrough is very sharp, but in the last season after Ancelotti took over Bayern, the Brazilian winger is simply not reused, Costa last season in the league Playing time only in the Bayern team ranked second. In the heavy game, An Shuai more inclined to use Franck Ribery.

Douglas - Costa in the middle of last season also expressed the desire to leave the team, and since then, the Brazilian winger and Juventus together. With the opening of the summer window this summer, Douglas - Costa and Juventus rumors are more and more.

Although Juventus is very fond of dog left, but can not come up with Bayern requirements of 50 million euros transfer fee, so the deal ran aground. And in the last weekend, the Italian "Turin Sports Daily" broke the news that Juventus and Douglas - Costa's transaction has made significant progress, Juventus gives a lease plus a year plus 40 million euros Plan, and this has also been recognized by Bayern. In recent days, Bayern CEO Rummenigge in an interview also expressed optimism about this transaction: "At present, we have not reached any agreement with Juventus, but the negotiations are in progress, we are likely to reach a final agreement."



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