nineteen666: Submission Contest has begun

Submission Contest has begun

Oct 14 2015 at 21:48

'My Outland,' 'Runescape' Submission Contest has begun! - Runescape News

'Runescape: The Burning Crusade' Since opening, many players fighting on land outside the domain, shows a thriving new world. We look forward to your laughter and tears, moved and insights to share with you every man game. To this end, 'My Outland' Submission Contest has begun! Please visit immediately the new 'Runescape' players submission system, here is the creation of Jiayuan, buy runescape gold a stage show. 1. Entry submission of this theme: 'My Outland' You can tell all the new experiences outside the domain, new ideas. Themes range: You can use the Raiders, experience, feelings, opinions, pictures and other forms of video (Note: fiction, poetry does not participate in this contest), tells you a copy of Outland, tasks, talent, PVP and other new content. Received: October 15, 2007 - October 25, 2007 2. Award rewards the ninth city 'Runescape' operations team will be real friendly, encourage exploration, authoritative and impartial attitude, conduct of this contest ranked player Contributors . To make your masterpiece to win, to allow more players to enjoy, please follow the following requirements: informative, and actively help everyone better games. Standardized terminology, narrative organized. It can be demonstrated to the original (no copy propagation medium) as much as possible with associated picture, and enhance performance results. If your submission is good, after being read will be approved by the administrator, this means that you have a preliminary finalists. Then after comparing good works will eventually win. If you see the 'Runescape,' the official website published your submission, congratulations you end up winning it! Bonus: All the winning manuscript will show to all the 'Runescape' players on the official website, and all winning authors will be rewarded, 'Runescape' point card 1. Quantity: We hope to have talented 'Runescape' players the more the better, so we do not limit the number of outstanding players and work. As long as you do have have experience, have access to proper honors and awards. In addition, there is an outstanding talent of the author, we'll open a larger window, provide you with a better stage play. Selection and display: October 16, 2007 - November 5, 2007 prizes Time: November 5, 2007 - November 10, 2007 3. Contributors step one, enter your login URL article.old school Ninetowns pass username / password. ('Runescape' contribution system without additional registration and certification, you only need to use your Ninetowns pass to use. You Delta and account login forum is Ninetowns pass.) Second, if you first log submission system, You need to enter your pseudonym and your contact information. Please fill in accurate and detailed information to contact you with. Third, click New manuscript into submission mode. In the submission mode, you can use the powerful online editor Enter your manuscript, upload pictures, and layout. Fourth, all of the input is complete submission to complete the submission process point. If you select the draft, so do not throw out your manuscript immediately, you can always modify the content until you complete manuscript. But if you have delivery of the manuscript it is unable to do the changes. Fifth, the manuscript can not be immediately issued on the official website, waiting for administrator approval. If your manuscript is hired, pen name will automatically appear in the official website of the relevant articles of the author field. 4. Contributors attention needs to be proved that the original manuscript (not online copy propagation). As five days was not accepted, the author can dispose of their own. Once your manuscript cast out, not real-time display, please be patient. Administrator will see all users daily delivery of the manuscript, in line with the conditions of the manuscript will be published in the 'Runescape' Chinese official website. We understand the feelings of participating players, so the ad hoc advisory contest submission window. If you want to ask for your manuscript, please click here to enter, send a short message inquiry, we will accept your advice to the administrator purewill.



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