shoingfaai: Will not affect the final war

Will not affect the final war

Jul 4 2017 at 02:15

Santos first revealed, "A long time ago, probably a few months ago, I knew the situation. I and my players have a good relationship, so I know their family situation, we also know that C Luo face In the training, he told us that he once again became a father, but he also performed a very professional, he unconditionally said he could play, but we know that this is an important moment in his life. We did not qualify for the final moment, we believe that the players should let go to see their children.

Santos stressed that "he is undoubtedly an example of what he has done, the loyalty and determination shown, and his contribution to the team." The absence of C Lo will obviously affect the Portuguese attack, "We are a team that is determined not to play the game with the same determination," said Santos, "and we will take the same desire to win." "

Part of the media criticized Portugal's performance in the Confederations Cup, Santos said, "I see these criticisms, if it is criticized me, it is no problem.If it is critical of the team, then the team has made to get the Portuguese football The greatest achievement in history, we came here to achieve success, not just to attend.

When we talked to three or four finals in Mexico, Santos said, "Before we played a similar game with Germany, but this was the first time we played three or four finals in the Confederations Cup. We were full of fighting and hopefully Win the game, we certainly hope that the final, failed to complete the goal so that we regret.However, this does not mean that we will be perfunctory, we still maintain the same mentality.Our goal is to qualify for the final, in the failure to achieve After this goal, our goal now is to win the third place. "


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