shoingfaai: Isinbayeva speaks for the home world

Isinbayeva speaks for the home world

Jul 3 2017 at 04:16

The Confederations Cup final is about to start, and today before the game we have seen the famous Russian pole vault Olympic champion Isinbayeva. It turned out that she was this time as the World Cup another host city of Volgograd image ambassador for her hometown to do publicity. Although rarely appear in the football arena, but Isinbayeva said his favorite star Nei Maer.
Four hours before the start of the final tonight, the entrance to the press center was packed, and a tall figure stood in the middle. The original is the famous Russian pole vault Olympic champion Isin Bayerva, she stood home in front of the booth to accept a wave of interviews. Next year's World Cup a total of 11 host cities, and one of which is called Volgograd is Ishin Bayerva's hometown, so in order to promote their hometown, she must be obligatory.
Speaking of football, Isinbayeva said he also likes the star, in addition to the need to support the Russian team, her favorite team is Brazil, and the favorite player is Nei Maer. Speaking of Nei Maer, she was some embarrassed. As for today's final, she felt sure to be a wonderful game, and two teams, she is more inclined to Germany to win.
Last year after the Rio Olympic Games, Isinbayeva also chose to retire, rarely in front of the public appearance. And today she appeared, the reporter also found her uplift of the stomach, as early as the 2012 London Olympic Games after she said the child plan, and now it is finally considered successful. Although the slim figure has ceased to exist, but her face is filled with a happy smile (welcome to our FIFA 18 Coins site .



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