sdgrtryre4566: Eto'o stated publicly willing to join Chelsea Blues iPad procedural orders to abandon Falcao

Eto'o stated publicly willing to join Chelsea Blues iPad procedural orders to abandon Falcao

Oct 14 2015 at 01:26


';Daily Mail': Eto'o and Mourinho hope together again since played for the Russian security Zhi's Cameroon striker Samuel Eto'o is expected to leave the ultimate team after the summer, more ultimate teams become popular at his home, But today Eto'o openly expressed his willingness to switch to Chelsea, where former mentor Jose Mourinho. 32-year-old Eto'o won the Champions League twice with Barcelona, ​​Inter Milan coach Jose Mourinho when he became a member of the Nerazzurri, and with Mike Mussina in the 2009-10 season, won the Triple Crown. After joining Anzhi, he became the world's highest-paid FIFA footballer, but now intends to cut spending Anzhi, Eto'o decided to leave the club this summer. Chelsea is one of the ultimate teams chasing Eto'o, but Eto'o has made a statement today: 'Only one Mourinho, the effectiveness of a lot of great coaches too, but there is such a character only coach Muli Ni Austria. He is one of the best coaches in the world, he and I made a lot of success together with Inter. I like to have the opportunity to work with him again, because Mourinho is never boring. Chelsea are a really great The ultimate team, there are a lot of ultimate teams to offer me, I will discuss with my agent next go. 'Eto'o's agent confirmed Naples also interested in signing the striker, the Russian' Sport Post ' The Petoskey Theo also fut 15 coins confirmed Eto'o prefer instead to return to Inter Milan to Chelsea, Mourinho is he wants to join Chelsea a major factor. Petoskey Theo revealed Eto'o now decide whether to join the important issue is Abramovich Chelsea gave him a contract, Eto'o in Anzhi's annual salary of 20 million euros. Eto'o may have to convince myself to accept an annual salary of 10 million euros contract. At the same time, ';Daily Mail' also exclusive disclosure of an anecdote about Abu Chelsea boss with their own private iPad to track many big players, in order to decide whether to sign them. It is reported that Abramovich's Chelsea for the iPad designed a special program, the program will update the database every day, has become an important basis for the Abu judgment. Mourinho believes this system is the most advanced - more than Real Madrid, Porto and Inter Milan have cash, Chelsea's scouting network around the world, a database of thousands of players, while Chelsea would only consider which can in large Most FIFA 16 games scoring more than 90 players. It is reported that this program is currently the biggest contribution is to help Chelsea signed Falcao abandon the system think Falcao moves outside the area up to standard, while the system considers many Earle is a better contract, the final Chelsea is also what many Earle.


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