sdgrtryre4566: Cech determine Arsenal number: 33 333 33 appearances choice

Cech determine Arsenal number: 33 333 33 appearances choice

Oct 8 2015 at 22:40



July 12 hearing Cech on Twitter announced that he will wear jersey No. 33 at Arsenal. This summer Cech to 11 million pounds from Chelsea  to switch to Arsenal, he has been wearing in the Blues No. 1. But the 1st Arsenal is Szczesny, Cech decided to choose 33 numbers this big number. Why 33? Cech explained on Twitter: '33 years in the Premier League  open a new chapter, I have 333 appearances in the ut coins Premier League, so select No. 33 is an easy decision.' Cech is following Arsenal preparing The new season, he will travel to Asia to participate in the preseason. Wenger believes Cech can strengthen the ultimate ultimate team's belief, the professor said: 'Buy Cech is a very, very difficult decision, because we already have two great goalkeepers, but I think Cech let them become stronger. He has a very rich experience, his experience can bring to the ultimate team title win, this is what I expect of him. '



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