fifacoinslol: It was a good publicity about football

It was a good publicity about football

Jun 15 2017 at 20:52

The champions league quarter-final second leg match, 2-4 defeat to real Madrid, bayern bitter 120 minutes to stop this season's champions league quarter-final. Referee test salt's call has caused quite a controversy, bayern players after the game is also very unhappy.
When it comes to the game, robben said: "a struggle between the top and decided by the referee mistakes, it's crazy. It was a good publicity about football, but decided by people with a whistle." In the game that vidal, response is more direct: "we were robbed. After we scored the second goal, thought we can qualify, and then started a show Buy FIFA Mobile Comfort Trade. When two this level of team competition, robbery like this could not occur in the champions league." According to the El Chiringuito journalist jose luis sanchez, vidal, lai and tiago to the referee after the game room, and have verbal attack on the referee.
Franck ribery hair figure: the referee did well franck ribery hair figure: the referee did a good job
Ribery is on personal INS said: "a year of efforts. Thanks for the referee, well done!" Franck ribery cristiano ronaldo also released two offside goal graph, and the offside line in the PS.
Marca: franck ribery P figure shelling referee test salt, marca: franck ribery P figure shelling referee to take an examination of salt
Jerome said: "if I hear" the other two ball is offside, such that for us is very sorry and sad. According to what I heard, the two yellowing a red ball, originally should not show a second yellow card. If the game is determined by such a goal, it is not luck, it is bad for us." The German defender on social networks, said sometimes that is football, he is proud of his team-mates struggle, but also congratulations to real Madrid could advance. Promotion partner hu myers also congratulated the real Madrid, said team to the final at the same time, unfortunately, some things are unable to control. Captain, says, in terms of the decision of the referee, bayern is not so good luck today.


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