wendy: Osrs is beginning to reveal why the Eoc update was essential

Osrs is beginning to reveal why the Eoc update was essential

May 30 2017 at 22:36

For those of you that do not play runescape gold or stay on top of the updates that take place on there the other day a nerf took place to numerous various things. I'm going to give a quote from the update that explains why they had to nerf one of the things,
How does this verify that Eoc was essential? Well, the primary problem bordering the old fight system was that the game ended up being extremely restricted on exactly what could be released without destroying the video game. Releasing new managers would certainly have ended up being impossible to earn since exactly what things would they drop? We were already coming close to end game tools and also shield, such as nex gear and the team of armadyl. Making something better than those items would certainly not have been feasible without making them over powered which would certainly be harmful to the game.
Finally, I presume just what I'm attempting to access is osrs is coming close to the end because it's mosting likely to be difficult to launch brand-new managers and equipment as a result of the limitations that the old fight system had which is why Eoc was needed. With the release of Eoc the video game has lots of area to maintain updating and also generate new points to be launched.



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