shoingfaai: Bryant domineering to celebrate the five crown an action interpretation of life glory

Bryant domineering to celebrate the five crown an action interpretation of life glory

May 30 2017 at 22:29

Finals is the most glorious stage of the basketball people dream, but standing in the final glory of the king is destined to have only one team, this is the cruel sports, this is the charm of sports. Tencent sports original column "NBA old photos" today for you about Bryant won the fifth crown after the crazy celebration of the classic photos, this moment, Bryant stretched out five fingers, interpretation of the glory of life. June 18, 2010, Los Angeles Staples Center, the Lakers in the tiebreaker to 83-79 victory over the Celtics, won the team history of the 16th championship, but also from the recent one championship. Of course, this is Kobe Bryant - Bryant career fifth championship trophy.(how to get  you can come to lolga).

Although Kobe Bryant in the tie-break in the feel in general, the audience only 32 of 24 to get 23 points and 15 rebounds, but after all, he is the Lakers team soul, the finals played both hard and excellent, and ultimately he was elected FMVP (The most valuable player in the finals). But when Bryant won the FMVP trophy, he has a lot of calm, really let Bryant excited, so that his adrenaline soaring moment is the referee blew the final whistle that moment.

Kobe Bryant was holding the ball full of flying, then he jumped on the technical platform, fans in the audience cheers, flying in the sky flying against the background, Bryant left hand holding basketball, right hand stretched out five Fingers, his face to celebrate the victory, he stretched out the five fingers just interpretation of the life of 20 years of glory - five championship rings.

We can not ignore such a detail, see Bryant's right hand index finger, sinking wrapped around a thick bandage fingers, perhaps you will question Kobe Bryant "blacksmith", but do not forget, Bryant is with a finger pain to fight seven finals , And in some sessions, Bryant only seven healthy fingers to play, which is difficult and difficult to imagine, this is Bryant after the win will be so crazy to celebrate one of the reasons.


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