shoingfaai: It's hard to catch up with Chelsea

It's hard to catch up with Chelsea

May 27 2017 at 02:15

Italian marshal Capello recently talked about Manchester United in an interview, he thinks Manchester United need not only Gleeszmann, they need more excellent players to compete for Premier League champions, and evaluation of the European Cup final is a boring game The

This in the 07-12 years coached the three lions of the Italian marshal in the ";Daily Star" interview, said: "The European Cup final is a boring game, although Manchester United has a sharp attack, strong defense, (how to get  you can come to lolga) But not a good enough team.

UEFA Cup champion Manchester United won the next season to participate in the Champions League qualification, which makes Mourinho has sufficient capital to attract more high-level players, such as the French people Lelezmann joined the Red Devils.

But Capello that 26-year-old French striker Gleeszmann's joining, and can not support the Manchester United against the Premiership championship competition, he believes that Manchester United need more good players to join. In this regard, Capello said: "Gleeszmann is a good attacker, but he is not a striker, Manchester United need more signings. Chelsea is so powerful, Manchester United to challenge him is very difficult "



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