shoingfaai: 18 years to win the first European war trophy

18 years to win the first European war trophy

May 24 2017 at 22:26

Last year, the European Cup final, C Luo injury early exit, and finally played the role of coach, with the Portuguese teammates won the Delaunai Cup, Ibrahimovic in the European Cup finals also experienced a "lying crown.(visit LOLGA.INC" Two champions of the two European top stars is precious, the European Cup is the first time the European team won the national team Intercontinental tournament trophy, the European Cup is Ibrahimovic career 18 years for the first time won the important European war event championship The Before the effectiveness of Barcelona, ​​he had to take the next level of the European Super Cup, but the importance of the Champions League can not be compared with the Champions League. But the Ibrahimovic final did not play, but Manchester United won his great meritorious service, the European Cup appearances in the final before the team 3, second only to Berger and Ander - Herrera, into the 5 ball , The team is also second only to 6 balls of the Mushita.

Ibrahimovic is the champion harvester, even more than Mourinho more fierce, the effectiveness of Ajax, Juventus, Milan Hutch, Barcelona and Paris during the time, the Ibrahimovic League called king law, had 13 years in 12 times Fulfilled (the culmination of Juventus being deprived). This season to join Manchester United, Ibrahimovic did not dominate the Premiership, but the same 1 year gains 3 crown, the European Cup is also the 33rd title of his career, more than Mou Shuai 8 crown.


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