shoingfaai: Book hug in the playoffs

Book hug in the playoffs

May 23 2017 at 22:03

This season, Jeremy Lin because of hamstring injury and ankle injury missed 46 games, and ultimately, the Nets made only 20 wins and 62 losses record. In an interview, Jeremy Lin said that if they maintain a certain health, and in the free market to recruit some excellent players, they can break into the playoffs
(how to get  you can come to lolga) . "I feel we can break into the playoffs, I played only 24.5 minutes this season, if I can play more, or I am not injured, I feel we have the opportunity to break into the playoffs." Lin Shuhao said The Jeremy Lin admitted that hamstring injury to his ability to end in the basket. "This season, I did not finish the end of the basket so often, usually, I can be very high frequency in the basket to complete the end, but due to the impact of hamstring injury, I dare not take off, So, I hope that next season when I rushed to the basket, I can get two points without hesitation.

This year's playoffs, the Blazers were swept out by the Warriors, the United States Fox sports basketball commentator Brussad said in a file when Paul - George said, "Paul - George, if you go to the Lakers, you are Can not win the whole star, you may become Damien - Lillard. "In this regard, Lillard pushed the special," we have to talk about this matter. But there are netizens are very much in favor of Brusad's argument, and the quality of Lillard, "Is he wrong? You are also in the brush data, but because you are in a strong west of the partition, so not so obvious "I'm curious, why is my name going to be an example ... What is the name of the game?" I'm going to the playoffs every year.



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