xiaolan: Thousands of goals behind the "pain point"

Thousands of goals behind the "pain point"

Mar 28 2017 at 01:38

Ski supply side structure is weak According to the "2016 China Ski Industry White Paper" (hereinafter referred to as the "White Paper";-), China is now the vast majority of snow are tourism experience snow, only the primary snow, poor ski experience, equipment and facilities, supporting services and security are pending Ascension. And Europe and the United States mature market par with the destination of the resort, in China can only account for 3% of the total number of snow. As the "planning" of the participants and the "White Paper" editor, Vanke Group Ice and Snow Division Chief Strategy Officer Wu Bin worry about skiing experience will be a major development of the ski market, a major risk. "The experience of the resort is generally simple, Andy Pettitte Authentic Jersey usually only the primary snow. To this type of snow for the one-time experience customers, the average stay of 2 hours in this type of snow, skiers even ski suits are not Wear the first skiing to the experiential resort, will make people feel that skiing is so, not fun, affecting its awareness of skiing. "Wu Bin said. According to Wu Bin introduced last year, more than 300,000 ski trips received only three ski resorts - Vanke Songhua Lake, Wanda Changbai Mountain, Wan Long snow. At present, the scale of the domestic snow is generally small, the snow area of ​​more than 100 hectares of snow only Vanke Songhua Lake, North pot and Vanke Changbai Mountain three. China's ski participants are still less than 1% of the total population, of which the real ski "enthusiasts" the proportion is minimal, the development of huge space. www.authenticyankeeshop.com/authentic-46-andy-pettitte-jersey.html  At present the snow field configuration and operation of the following phenomena: high-quality snow less; urban low-grade ski resort everywhere; some high-quality resources are divided by many business units; regional homogeneous competition. These are the ski industry "fast and good" development of the potential obstacles. Lack of professional and technical personnel "White Paper" shows that based on 100 snow field statistics, about 50% of the country's ski coach only high school or secondary education, college and above the coach only 15% of the total. Ski coach group, teaching experience less than five years accounted for 44% of the total, indicating that the number of ski coaches did not usher in the Beijing Olympic Winter Games, the explosive growth. Wu Bin that ski training is the most important ski resort, especially for young people training. Vanke Songhua Lake resort dedicated to the children's ski school, "skiing from the children grabbed", which is the business philosophy of the resort. The school has an indoor venue, www.authenticyankeeshop.com/authentic-3-babe-ruth-jersey.html  for beginners, the main part of the early teaching in the room to complete. "A child falls in love with skiing, the family will come to the resort to spend." Wu Bin said that most of the domestic snow resort does not attach importance to training, only focus on short-term interests, not only may lead to security incidents, and difficult to experience Ski lovers. Heilongjiang snow sports vocational college enrollment for the first time in 2015, the current total of more than 1,000 students, focusing on ski coaches, snow equipment maintenance and operation of the snow field management personnel training. www.authenticyankeeshop.com/authentic-51-bernie-williams-jersey.html  College of ice and snow sports department official said, the school students are very sought-after, Wanda Changbai Mountain Snow and Beijing Kabin Ski Sports Development Company have expressed to him the first graduates "full reception" of the idea, the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee also proposed to the College Talent Demand. A vocational college students can get so favored, is to explain the lack of professional talent supply problem. Changchun Bai Ning shield Sporting Goods Equipment Co., Ltd. founder Wang Yang, now his company has been in the high-end skate shoes market has a place, the annual sales of popular skates is also good, but to hire like a professional skate as he experienced The design staff is not easy, retired athletes either interested in the design, or more inclined to institutional employment. Heilongjiang veteran skateboarding enterprise black dragon also exists professional design talent shortage problem.


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