rscape66: Have you guys heard of OSRS Auction House?

Have you guys heard of OSRS Auction House?

Feb 21 2017 at 23:06

Have you guys heard of OSRS Auction House? Since lots of players are longing for a trading solution for OSRS, according to Heart balloon the survey, Jagex has now designed a trading system for you, which called Auction House. Is that what you want for OSRS? Will the Auction House on OSRS lead to the OSRS gold up in price? Here we go.

The Auction House will definitely solve the trading issue.

Along with the Auction House, players will be able to buy items or put items up for sale easily.
Firstly, players will be able to know who they are trading with, and be able to communicate with the player they are trading with.
Secondly, after your trade has been completed, the items will be delivered to your collection box in the Auction House interface.
Finally, there would be no recommended sale price for an item, and you can only compare the prices with other players’.
The Auction House will definitely be the best option to allow players to continue to engage with individuals when trading as well as offer quick access to trading while leaving the control of the market in the hands of the players.

The Auction House will definitely destroy OSRS.
There is a batch of players think that the Auction House would be much different to the GE. You put your items in to sell or buy at the price you want them in the Auction House, which is same as you do with the GE. Meanwhile, GE heavily changed the economy and trading in RS, and definitely pushed everything in RS, which is not the way players want in OSRS.
Along with this action, it seems like OSRS is on the way of RS3, and now it’s just turning into RS2.5.
Players who play OSRS just OSRS to stay how it is and to enjoy this game for what it used to be.

Will the Auction House on OSRS lead to an increase of gold?
According to the previous experience, GE in RS is 10% lead to an increase of RS gold. Therefore, it’s not that hard to anticipate that the Auction House on OSRS may also lead to an increase of OSRS gold.
However, we still cannot make sure of that. If you’ve got any other opinions, feel free to post on our Facebook. All kinds of ideas are welcome!

An update cannot satisfy with everyone, but we can always look on the bright side. Please pay attention on our site or 07scape gold, as we will keep on offering news as long as we get the first-hand information.



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